VIRTUAL W4M2020 MASKerade Event - A Walk for Breast Cancer at the "Green" Walker Pavilion version 

  • LIVE FEED into the event if you do not feel COVID-comfortable to come in person.  

  • LIVE Music ALL DAY while you do house chores aka "multi-tasking"

  • Log in to see my bright smiling face from the comfort of your own home at Opening Ceremony

  • You can STILL walk where you feel safe proudly sporting the coolest T-shirt EVER! 

  • You can send in selfies to us at info@walk4mountains to post on Instagram and FB!

  • Beers at home on the couch or your back deck

  • You don't HAVE to shower before you join

  • You will have your own private bathroom with your own toilet paper while you point and laugh at the poor suckers on your screen having to use the porta potty at the Green

  • For VIRTUAL bandwidth capacity we can have up to 847 people.  I'm kidding - we can have as many as we want! It's all 1's and 0's folks...the computer doesn't care 😋 I request you do wear your W4M T-shirt around your house though - unless you are painting.  I don't want to see paint-soaked W4M T-shirts at the Leesburg Costco. SHAME.