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Hello Walkers!

I know it is just under three weeks out and we have time, I just wanted to send a note to answer any questions you may have about your friends and family making  donations on your behalf.  We will keep the website active for last minute donors for two months following the event for your convenience.  All of the profits are going to our fabulous local charities to help those undergoing treatment; Step Sisters and Loudoun Breast Health Network.  These programs pay living expenses while people are going through chemotherapy and surgery recovery when are too sick to work, they clean houses and look after pets while immune systems are vulnerable during treatment.  These folks are doing wonderful work for people when they need it most.  You are now a part of that too - thank you again for joining us on a walk through the mountains! Welcome to our home.  If any of you have ANY questions about the details of the walk please do not hesitate to ask via and we will be happy to get back to you with answers!  See you on the 12th!

Keep Walkin'

Nicole Clark

Founder of Walk 4 Mountains - A Walk for Breast Cancer

Friends and family can donate to you through the website homepage: They can click on the Support us/Sponsor Tab and pick a pink ribbon.  There are multiple price selections to make it easier for everyone. Once they choose a ribbon they can write your name in the comment field.  Again, please ask them to tell us it is for you so we can tell you a donation has been made on your behalf.

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