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Updated: Mar 10, 2018

Don't let the name fool you ...we won't be climbing mountains. The route has a couple small hills, but NOTHING major or else I wouldn't be doing it either - lol. Check in will start at 7a.m. near the pavilion on "The Green" in Lovettsville. We will have opening ceremonies which will include music and a keynote speaker and the kickoff will happen around 8 a.m. We will depart Lovettsville by way of Irish Corner Rd which turns into Mountain Rd (which runs parallel with the mountain). There will be three "cheer stations" strategically placed along the route which will provide parking for family and friends to cheer you on, water (Thank you Costco Leesburg for donating - you guys ROCK!), snacks, and most importantly restrooms. These cheer stations will be set up at Mt Olivet UMC, Stone Manor Bed and Breakfast, and Doukenie Winery (where souvenirs will be for sale and all proceeds will go to our wonderful charities). Once you leave the winery, it is only ONE MORE MILE...and then we will feed you lunch at Hillsboro UMC! (Where there is a hill - but it is the last one; I promise!) There will most likely be cookies...because I love cookies and brownies, and cake, and donuts, and ice cream...the point is - there will be dessert! Which will be well earned at that point! These fabulous treats will be mostly be provided by the marvelous bakers at Hillsboro UMC! A special thanks to Mt. Olivet, Ebenezer, and Hillsboro UMCs for partnering with us and sponsoring the event.

Here are some links to the route.

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