COVID-19 U.s. honor quilt





               Walk 4 Mountains  Sip and Sketch

                          Saturday, October 17

         1:00pm - 3:00pm (materials available all day)

Join us to make a panel that is part of the COVID-19 US Honor Quilt. This local grassroots community based art project that was started in Loudoun and is now national. 

Its mission is to honor frontline workers and those who died from COVID-19.  


We are providing "pink" fabric 10.5 inch squares and permanent fabric pens and puff paints to let you express gratitude to medical workers.  These squares will be display on our HOPE letters

that are 8 feet tall and six feet wide with other art from people of all ages from school children to senior citizens. The pink panels are to emphasize the additional challenges the virus presents to those with medical conditions and vulnerable populations dealing with breast cancer. 


We provide the materials, stencils, tracing materials. No artistic skills are required.  A glass of wine is $7.00 for those over 21 to savor with their creative spirits. Small donations are accepted but not required for materials.  One of our great wine for the greater good projects during this Walk 4 Mountains event.


 Founded by 50 West and Sunset Hills Vineyard owner Diane Canney to bring HOPE to the nation and share our gratitude for those putting their lives at risk taking care of us.

paint-sip breast cancer .jpg